Kool Kim demo music release date image november 1st 2019
The date has been set. Friday, November 1st is D-day. Demo Muzick official release date!

First off, shout out to the many of you who have PRE-ORDERED the DEMO MUZICK USB Cassette Tape!! We are literally in the Manufacturing process so it'll take about 15 days to be completed. We'll give ourselves another 15 just to make sure everything works perfect and there won't be any oversights on the side of the manufacturer.

So with all that said my team and I have agreed on a safe and sensible release date of Friday, November 1st 2019!!

We'll be sending out our Pre-orders tentatively before that date in honor of your support and to make sure you guys are the VERY FIRST to hear the complete project , hell it's only right!!!

Thanks again to ALL OF YOU, my Hip Hop family, My Army, My Warrior, My Team, for being the inspiration and fuel to this project. I am honored to lead you on this mission!!

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