The toughest Jamaican in the United States!!! RIP Louie Rankin

Louie Rankin as Ox in the movie Belly

These past few days are ripe with loss for the Hip Hop Culture. Although widely recognized as a Jamaican Actor and Dancehall star Louie Rankin born Leonard Forbes was born in Saint Thomas Parish, Jamaica and grew up in Rockfort and East Kingston. His most notable songs was the single "Typewriter", released in 1992

We acknowledge his talent and voice in the Hip Hop community for his pivitol role in the classic BELLY which starred Nas and DMX among other rap stars. His Character OX was considered the highlight of the film.

Louie Rankin was tragically killed in an Auto Accident details are scarce, but Louie died Monday in a fatal wreck in Ontario, Canada ... the crash reportedly involved a transport truck and another vehicle.

The Grammy Award winning artist and actor leaves behind the entire St. Thomas Parrish, Jamaica and a world of influence and inspiration to all left in his wake.

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