That's My Word! (Vocab Building Verses)

What’s up everybody this is "That's My Word" Where every time I give you a new word for your lyrical arsenal and then use it in a quick verse. Because it’s one thing to hear a word.. And another thing to put it in use.

Today’s word is Gelastic - adj. 1. Laughter Provoking 2. Relating to a specific kind of Epileptic Seizure.

Examples of Gelastic in a Verse :

"I know you think your flow is fantastic you aint think it thru your attack or tactic

Your cadence was tragic your rhymes were Gelastic ,we laughed till we was spastic and asthmatic.

Battlestar Galactic you tumbled like a back flip. You was just a dirty mattress covered in plastic.

Casting couch actress ask Boombaptist Kool Kim's a Don 'Sun' he know what the facts is."

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