Death of SuperRhymes. Jimmy Spicer Deceased

Friday Sept. 27th 2019

It is with heavy heart that I report that the legendary eMCee Jimmy Spicer has succumbed to a bout with cancer this evening.

Though it was known that this ground breaking eMCee was suffering from the effects of cancer for a time, his family made it publicly known as they were attempting to raise money for his imminent passing.

" Hip Hop pioneer Jimmy Spicer was diagnosed with stage 4 brain and lung cancer last year and he was fully prepared to fight it head on with the help of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. However, his daughter Janel has revealed he’s now nearing the end.

Subsequently, she’s launched a GoFundMe campaign in an effort to make him as comfortable as possible as his final days loom.

“His condition has taken a rapid turn, deteriorating to the point where we are now, with the end goal being to make his last days as comfortable and pain-free as possible,” Janel wrote in the campaign’s description. “My family and I have been spoiled by the tenacity and fight that my father has displayed during this past year.

“This unexpected and untimely decline has created an urgency that requires us to do all that we can to make his final days as peaceful as possible while respecting each of his last wishes.” - Courtesy Hip Hop DX

A truly influential eMCee Jimmy was responsible for generation bridging songs like "Money"(Dollar Bill Y'all) a song I can remember even my mother knowing the chorus. Money would later be sampled by artist like Maino for his Hood Hit "Hi Hater"

No discussion about Jimmy Spicer would be complete without mentioning "The Adventures of SuperRhymes, which was ESSENTIAL and mandatory listen for anyone claiming to be an eMCee. Hits like "Bubble Bunch" cemented Jimmy as one of the GREATEST and FIRST STORY TELLERS in the HISTORY of Hip Hop.

Final care Go Fund Me For Jimmy Spicer barely makes $600.00

This is a sad day in Hip Hop as the loss of such an ICONIC artist in such a silent fashion is a black mark on the culture as a whole. Our heroes, our Founding Mothers and Fathers should not die without the proper send off. Not alone, or with a family in distress.

If we insist that the youth cherish the legacy of Hip Hop we must be the first vanguards of that legacy and lead by example and show the generations to come how we honor and respect our elders and founders.

Jimmy Spicer born James Bromley Spicer, May 12, 1958 is survived by Daughters Angelina and Janelle Spicer.

One more for the road brother Jimmy

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