A call to the universe

As things begin to come to a head. When the fun begins to become a job. When the minor details become major stop gaps and time is of the essence. My thoughts are drawn to a future that exist in my mind and has yet to be actualized.

A future where I am surrounded by a strong tight team of individuals assembled by the Universe itself. Aligned in vision and focused in purpose , so secure in their personal worth and value that loyalty is a non-issue.

So far things are coming together far better than I could have hoped in such a short amount of time. Yet and still I am left shallow knowing that my envisioned team hasn't manifested yet.

Facts are this, I realize that I have a lot of work to do to lead a team as amazing as the Team that is coming to me. I have to refine my vision so I can guide these individuals successfully. That I must prove myself worthy of such talent, and their belief in me.

So as I command the Universe to heed my call to action. I will offer at it's altar my commitment, diligence, sincerity, and consistency. I will educate myself, and build a strong mind and body to manage that which I have commanded the Universe deliver.

I will sacrifice my pride, and ego, my procrastination, bitterness, fear, and doubt in exchange for this great honor.

I don't know who you are fam.... but know that I am waiting for you.. and when you arrive.. I will be ready to lead you to GLORY!!

- Kool Kim

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