3 is the Magic #

l-r Tony H, B-marvel, E-$$$, Kool Kim, Pharaoh, Nasirah

Competition is NONE!! Why? Because it's Fam over Brand!

This is an example of what it is and what it should be like. 3 Individuals representing multiple brands doing the same sort of things, standing along side one another knowing the world is theirs to conquer.

Kool Kim's relationship with Pharonic Brand goes back almost a decade when they were sponsors and donors for Black Bird Fly ( a 2 day event for young ladies ages 10 - 21) created by my wife QP Doll.

They continue to stand by us by always supporting Kool Kim as an artist, and being a well of advice and insight as we develop our merchandising arm.

I am because they are.

Nasirah has been an angle from afar using her stunning beauty to help push a conscious narrative. I am so happy to see her exercising her creative vision and making it manifest with Nasirah Collection.

What we are building.. individually and with compulsion is the collective you've all been dying to see and be a part of.

Rise ye mighty nation... the call has been made!!

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